Steel Surface Preparation for Polyurea


Steel surfaces are one of the common surfaces that Polyurea is applied to other than concrete and these steel surfaces need to be treated to prevent corrosion. So polyurea coatings are used as a barrier coating. You’re protecting the substrate from the elements, the moisture, the sun, salts, and all the other corrosive atmospheres that the substrate may see or would see without that protective barrier.

Surface preparation can take a variety of different forms depending upon the condition of the steel surface. For instance, abrasive blasting in which we’re trying to remove the components such as dirt, soil, grease chemicals, rust, paint, just a variety of different items. And then some of them are going to be fairly simple down to pressure, washing, and wire wheel. Those kinds of things where we’re just removing loose debris and providing a nice surface, getting a low profile for the Polyurea to be adhered to.

The polyurea coating will only be as good as what it’s sticking to. So you want to be sure that the substrate is intact and that it’s going to support your coating system.

One the steel is clean, free from dirt and dust and has no holes etc and has been blasted or sanded to help with adhesion you should use an appropriate primer for non porous substrates such as Syntox FA.

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