Insulation of Farms


The insulation of animal farms is a growing phenomenon. It is well known that when an animal is comfortable they breed better, and produce more eggs/meat etc. Improving insulation will reduce heating costs which in todays uncertain economic climate is very important.

Closed cell foam has been used successfully to insulate large agricultural buidings, but where intensive farming is occuring, the high levels of ammonia can cause the closed cell to deteriorate. Also, it is not practical to power wash it. Synthesia have addressed this by creating a coating call S-3003E, which is sprayed over the S303. In the image above it has been tinted so as to easily identify where has already been sprayed.

Another huge advantage of this is that it protects the metal structures from damage caused by corrosive ammonia. It also helps to prevent rodents from burrowing into the insulation as it is very strong.

If you would like more information on this system please download the Case Study here.

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