Concrete Sealers

Stamped concrete sealers | Sealcem


All Sealcem’s range of sealers for stamped concrete have a number of advantages in common:

 They improve the curing of the stamped concrete.

 They offer a very natural decorative finish.

 They are concrete varnishes that guarantee good resistance to abrasion.

 They are varnishes for concrete with remarkable resistance to water and weathering.

 They are also very resistant to alkalinity and efflorescence.

 Solvent-based coatings for stamped concrete considerably enhance the colour of the coating.

 Fast-drying coatings for concrete.

 Easy application and excellent performance in outdoor areas.

Types of concrete sealers

Sealcem® offers two types of sealers for stamped & polished concrete. On the one hand, water-based and, on the other hand, solvent-based. Both offer excellent mechanical and chemical performance in exteriors, which is where the use of stamped paving and vertical stamped concrete predominates. Below, we are going to see the main characteristics of each one of them.

Water-based concrete sealers

Water-based concrete sealers offer a more natural finish, i.e. they respect the texture chosen for the paving or wall more. They are the most suitable when a decorative finish with “less shine” is sought by the professional.

Likewise, this type of varnish for concrete is much more ecological and environmentally friendly. A factor that is increasingly taken into account. The durability and resistance to outdoor use is outstanding.

  • Sealcem® WT S70
  • Sealcem® WT S100
  • Sealcem® WT AC70
  • Sealcem® WT AC100
  • Sealcem® WT PU

Solvent-based concrete sealers

On the other hand, solvent-based stamped concrete sealers provide a higher gloss finish. In terms of mechanical resistance, they are slightly better than their water-based counterparts. They withstand abrasive wear and tear, high traffic as well as various weather conditions perfectly.

  • Sealcem® DSV M70
  • Sealcem® DSV M100
  • Sealcem® DSV S70
  • Sealcem® DSV S100
  • Sealcem® DSV Colour